Help for Anxiety & Panic Attacks...
Does the full moom make you crazy?

I had 2 panic attacks in the past 2 days. Trying to figure out why. Could it be the full moon? does that affect your anxiety?

Hey Anxiety—Keep your hands off my daughter!…

Yeah… you tried to ruin my life- and you were in control for years.

But then I got better, you beast.

And you keep your grimy paws off my daughter.

You CANNOT hurt her!!!

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I don’t have a mental illness or handicap, I am just keenly sensitive. I am now learning to develop this in the best way possible. I am everything I’m supposed to be… :-)

Get Psyched for a Good Day and Watch it Happen


Today I will watch my thoughts & not let negativity in. I expect a good day & I will have a good day! Expecting goodness and being positive is the right attitude! I am psyched for a great day! :-)

Words of wisdom…

Words of wisdom…

Choose to be HAPPY today… Every day you get a choice! ;-)

Such a joy not to be limited by anxiety- what some might call a disability. Such a joy to know that even though some moments might be tough today, I can choose to persist and see them through…

Each little victory is one more feather in the cap in this beautiful life I have been given…

Talking Anxiety Tips for the Socially Anxious

I used to feel like no one could ever be as weird and socially anxious as I was…Now know that I have a nice personality, and I bet you do too. :) Here are some Anxiety & Talking tips- put them into practice, they work!


Treat Yourself with TLC & Kindness at all Times!


Tip: Always think well of yourself & hold yourself in the highest regard. This helps unblock and release that wonderful healing energy that is alive inside and just waiting to heal you.

Afraid of people and you desperately wish you weren’t..

If suffer from social anxiety…

What I have learned over the years is that learning to love people and love being around people little by little easily & naturally helps with overcoming social anxiety.

Here are 11 comforting thoughts to help you today:

What makes a good therapist?

Good question…

I was asked my opinion of what makes a good therapist for anxiety, and this is my answer:

I’ve heard from many of you over the years telling me your own personal horror stories with doctors, nurses, social workers and other mental health professionals.

Learn the right things to ask a therapist even BEFORE you hire one: